WJ 6.5" ROCK-LINK PRO Long Arm Lift Kit

    WJ 6.5" ROCK-LINK PRO Long Arm Lift Kit

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    WJ 6.5" ROCK-LINK PRO Long Arm Lift Kit


    Simply the BEST WJ lift kit available anywhere! Excellent ride quality on the road, and incredible off road performance. Our kit rides so well, you might even forget you're driving a lifted vehicle. More suspension articulation equates to more traction even without locking differentials and this kit delivers the flex you need.

    Performance and durability are both key factors in the design of this suspension system. You won't have to ever worry about bending these control arms because they are made from 2" x 5/16" wall DOM tubing with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! All mounting bracketry is precision laser cut from 1/4" and 5/16" steel plate. You will not believe the performance gains for yourself until you get on your favorite trail where you didn't have the traction available to get through. Imagine a 34" Super Swamper 6 or 8 inches below the rocker panel* at full suspension droop as your suspension melts to the trail! Yes, your WJ can become a very, VERY capable trail rig with this kit.

    Take your family and friends with you without the embarrassingly rough ride of many tall lift kits out there. Your highway ride will be a dream come true with this kit. The long front and rear control arms keep the suspension geometry much closer to stock for an impressively smooth ride at 6.5 inches of lift. Add an Addco rear sway bar and the WJ will ride BETTER than stock!!

    We use an exclusive, non-binding, 3 link setup up front that has a trio of front long arms that will flex more than you thought possible. The bushings at the unibody are greasable and pivot to allow as much suspension travel as the shocks of your choice will allow. Iron Rock Off Road knows your WJ is an investment so we designed our kit with that in mind. What this means is, as always,this kit is 100% bolt on! NO WELDING OR CUTTING* and only minor drilling and exhaust modification is required for installation. Tons of adjustment is built in to each link for you to be able to dial your suspension perfectly to your application.  


    • Front 3 link long arm system
    • Front long arm subframe assembly
    • Rear upper/lower triangulated 4-link long arms
    • Rear long arm mounting subframe with nut plates and fasteners
    • Front and rear 6.5" coil springs
    • Front and rear coil spring retainers
    • Front and rear Doestsch Tech shock upgrade
    • Transfer Case drop kit
    • Front adjustable length heavy duty track bar
    • JKS Sway bar quicker disconnect system
    • Brake line relocating brackets
    • Extended rear sway bar links
    • Shocks non included
    NOTE: Front 3-link crossmember does not work with CRD models due to a different transmission mount.  Modification may be possible but has not been tested and will not be covered by warranty.

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